In 2013, Imanuel “Im” Santoso, our supported evangelist in Sumba, began evangelizing in the Merapunese (animist) village of Katambuni, some 4 hours from Waingapu by motorbike. Initially, he faced opposition from the village leader who distrusted his intentions. But Im persisted and, in 2014, persuaded that same leader to allow him to do a Living Water project in the village, all the while teaching the people about Christ.

The Living Water project was a tremendous success and has clearly improved the lives of the villagers. More importantly, 12 families have become Christian and turned away from spirit worship. They also gave him a small piece of land and helped build a primitive church where he holds weekly services.

In June 2015, Imanuel shared the Gospel with 30 individuals in the nearby village of Laimeta, also Merapunese. And in July 2015, 6 more people from Katambuni accepted Christ and were baptized in water from the Living Water tank.

In August 2015, several pastors and workers from the Church of God denomination who heard about Imanuel’s ministry will travel to Katambuni to learn the process of how to approach the people and to become a blessing to the community.