Outpost Pastors

Christ for the Island World currently provides support to twenty-seven pastors in remote villages on four islands. Generally, the villages range between 100 and 300 people who live in a third world environment. Our support relieves the pastors from taking all of their time to support their families, freeing them to spend time in evangelism and discipleship. Every pastor is a Bible School graduate. From them in total, we see over one hundred converts annually which equals 4-5% of the total non-Christians coming to faith in Christ each year! Our Living Water Projects are often in villages where the Outpost Pastors minister so that the Gospel in word and in deed will be shared most effectively.

If you would like to pray for them, here are their names: Alex, Lukas, Yusuf, Sem, Emi, Maria, Daniel, Apson, Kornelia, David, Simon, Merry, Kasper, Yunus, Mariance, Dember, Absalom, Welmince, Lince, Pinehas, Yonathan, Daniel, Leonard, Andre, Fransina, Imanuel, and Yermias.Thank you for praying for them!