Meeting Other Needs


In the January 2011 letter, I shared about a volcano eruption (pictured here) on the island of Java that, in the providence of God, forced 700 Moslems to take shelter in a Bible School whose director is a friend of our Field Director David Aryana.

They had been getting water from springs, but the volcanic ash prevented access to them. River water was available but it was not safe to drink without filtration. David distributed portable water filters we provided. David had everyone sign when receiving the filters as M leaders looked on with arms crossed. David and the others told the recipients that Christians had provided the filters. Other Christians have also been ministering to those affected by the volcanic eruption for these last three years. We have recently received word that now there are four hundred believers in this predominantly M area in spite of extreme M opposition! We praise the Lord for His faithfulness and for this result of sharing Jesus’ love through the spoken word and through acts of kindness! 


In August 2018, the island of Lombok experienced a series of earthquakes causing over 500 deaths.Another result of the earthquakes was a shortage of clean water. CFTIW provided portable water filters to meet that need. 

On November 11, 2004, the entire island of Alor was rocked by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake, damaging every church on the island. Clay Trainum (Executive Director at that time) and Chief Financial Officer Mike Haran visited practically every church to survey the damages and to hand deliver CFTIW funds to assist in repair or rebuilding those church buildings! Since much of the travel was on foot, it was a difficult trip physically, but so rewarding spiritually!

Christ for the Island World assisted the churches on Alor for many years. As is the goal, all of these churches are now self-supporting so CFTIW funding is no longer necessary. As far as we know, Alor is the only majority Christian island in Indonesia.

We are thankful for the opportunity to meet needs, especially those of the household of faith!


For many years, Christ for the Island World has provided support for Bethel Home, a Christian-run orphanage on the island of Bali. David and Masta regularly deliver food and supplies to Bethel Home using funds provided by CFTIW.

Currently, 133 children, ranging from toddlers to teens, live at Bethel Home where they attend public school and hear the Gospel. Some are true orphans, but most have been abandoned by parents who could no longer afford them. Please pray for these precious children that they will grow in their faith and will be a Christian witness throughout their lives.