• Our major ministry areas of outpost pastors, evangelists, and Living Water Projects clearly minister to entire populations, young and old alike.

  • Lack of clean water often leads to illness or death disproportionally among children and therefore the Living Water Projects are most valuable to them.

  • In some villages prior to the completion of the Living Water Project, the children had to carry water uphill to the village and even then it was not safe to drink. Almost always, this task was assigned to the girls. Due to the time and effort required, they usually were prevented from attending school!

  • Two of our evangelists, Bernadus and Katerina, are working as public school teachers and thereby have a significant effect on the lives of the children, both spiritually and educationally.Other evangelists have founded preschools where they can share the Gospel with the children while providing a basis for education.

  • CFTIW provides funding for David and Masta to purchase and deliver food and supplies to the children at Bethel Home for Children.

  • Masta Aryana frequently teaches Bible lessons and/or health and sanitation to children.

  • In 2012, Mike Haran delivered dresses provided by ladies in his home church to many Indonesian girls.