Living Water Projects

We provide clean water where it is needed most, in parched areas in Southeastern Indonesia.. The work is done by our Indonesian partners assisted by local villagers. .

We construct two major types of Living Water Projects. The larger projects draw water from a nearby source such as a stream, then using ram pump methodology, water pressure pumps the water uphill to the village. No external power is required. Depending on the quantity of water available, this potentially can provide enough water for drinking, toiletry, and irrigating crops! The smaller projects involve capturing rain water during the rainy season and storing it in tanks. All the projects include a final step of sending the water through sand and chemical filtration to make the water safe for drinking. Lius Ga has accepted the role of leading the teams who construct practically all of the Living Water Projects. Currently, we are constructing six to eight large Living Water Projects per year and fewer small ones because we find that we can meet the needs of an entire village through a larger project. In some instances, they are hydro-electric projects. 

This is truly a life-saving ministry! Water-borne disease related deaths are practically eliminated! To be true to our purpose, we tie the provision of clean water with the provision of Living Water as described in John 4. As we show the Indonesians love by meeting their physical needs, we share that the Lord Jesus Christ loves them so much that He died to provide them the Living Water of eternal life and that He was raised from the dead showing His victory over sin and death!

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List of Projects

Yayha Teo is one of CFTIW’s newest supported evangelists. Yahya (John in Indonesian) pastors a church in Lewa Village in East Sumba, where he started a pre-school (30 children) and elementary school (50 children). Already, many from this predominately animist region have come to Christ, including many of the children seen in the pictures.

The chief priest of the village of Karuku, Sumba was miraculously cured of a life-threatening disease earlier this year through the prayers of CFTIW-supported worker Sem Hungababa from the nearby village of Pulupanjang. He told Sem:

“Your God is stronger than my god.” and he accepted Christ! Seeing this, eight families have also accepted Christ and Sem expects more to follow!

The village of Naioni, West Timor is the site of a Living Water Project begun in 2014 and completed in 2015. This project provides clean water to the thirty-three families of the village.

These pictures show the work at the water source. This was back-breaking physical work – hand carrying all the materials to the work site, as well as digging diversion channels and creating a dam to capture enough water to create the water pressure required to force the water through 3,000 feet of PCV uphill to the village!

Kemalapia Village, East Sumba was the site of a 2012 CFTIW Living Water Project. The project provides water for drinking, bathing, for crops, washing clothes and for toileting! Sickness has been significantly reduced!

Prior to the project, there were seven adult believers in this desperately poor village. Now there is an average church attendance of over eighty!

In 2013, Imanuel “Im” Santoso, our supported evangelist in Sumba, began evangelizing in the Merapunese (animist) village of Katambuni, some 4 hours from Waingapu by motorbike. Initially, he faced opposition from the village leader who distrusted his intentions. But Im persisted and, in 2014, persuaded that same leader to allow him to do a Living Water project in the village, all the while teaching the people about Christ.