Yayha Teo is one of CFTIW’s newest supported evangelists. Yahya (John in Indonesian) pastors a church in Lewa Village in East Sumba, where he started a pre-school (30 children) and elementary school (50 children). Already, many from this predominately animist region have come to Christ, including many of the children seen in the pictures.

In one of the pictures you see CFTIW Evangelist Ketut Teron with the children at the school started by Yayha. Ketut and his wife Daru also started a school in their predominantly M village of Bermang on the island of Sumbawa.

Recently, David Aryana led a team to Lewa to complete a Living Water project that included bringing clean water to the school. In 2015, CFTIW will install a hydro turbine to bring electricity to Lewa. In the picture are Yayha, his wife Ruth and their children, Eirene, Eunike, and Galed.