The village of Naioni, West Timor is the site of a Living Water Project begun in 2014 and completed in 2015. This project provides clean water to the thirty-three families of the village.

These pictures show the work at the water source. This was back-breaking physical work – hand carrying all the materials to the work site, as well as digging diversion channels and creating a dam to capture enough water to create the water pressure required to force the water through 3,000 feet of PCV uphill to the village!

Our Lius (like Julius) Ga (in the brown T-shirt) is heading this project. He reports that everyone in the village is helping carry materials to the site.

Lius has accepted the position of Lead Living Water Installer in NTT (Southeast Indonesia). This appointment will provide reliable and consistent leadership in Living Water construction throughout the region. Please pray for Lius as he carries on this important work.

His parents were among the first pastors on Sabu and he was previously serving as an Outpost Pastor on the island of Sumba.